Karma Is NOT a Bitch

The biggest part of my healing has come from the acceptance that “I” and only “I” am responsible for my pain. “I” and only “I” am responsible for the work I need to do to heal and grow as a person.

However over the past months I have listened to those around me. One of the sayings I have heard from people is “Karma is a Bitch” or a “boomerang”. This is something I once believed; I think I wanted to know that there is some sort of cosmic justice and that it was on my side…

I started to think about the word Karma and I took the time to look it up. I found, like so many words we hear today we may not be using it/them correctly. I know that I was not being accurate in when I said “Karma’s a Bitch”. The reading I did was not a simple Webster’s Dictionary look-up. I would suggest taking some time and reading more, especially if you use the saying. They have whole philosophies around this one word. It truly is amazing!

Which brings me to my point! If we believe in Karma and that it truly is a Bitch or a Boomerang and we use this saying. Ask yourself this question. What if the person you are using this against was your Karma? If you believe in Karma and in that way, then maybe, just maybe, they were your “Karma” put in your life for a past wrong you did. When the word Karma is used or when I used it in my past, I was always in the assumption that I was being wronged.

However, if I had done something in my past that “required” cosmic justice, do you think I would remember it at the moment I felt wronged by someone else? I don’t I was not that self aware.

I don’t believe in Karma in the cosmic justice way I don’t believe that the universe has a score sheet. I do believe and understand cause and effect for me means; we are likely creating what we are getting.

Keep Chasing those Cars

With Love, Respect and Admiration


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  1. Thank you for sharing, I believe mostly that karma is positive for me. Keep the blogs coming. Love Mom

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