Happy New Year Everyone,


There have and continue to be many lessons from 2016 that will resonate with me for years to come. I hope over the year I can share some of them however right now I want to focus on “New Year”…


So this is a new year! But, really what does that mean “a new year”? For many it means doing the same thing over and over again, slowly heading into the realm of insanity. For others what they have been doing has been working just fine so no need to change. Or like me change is required always, I can always do a little better for myself and for the world around me but most importantly for my daughter.


Why do so many feel that New Year’s resolutions are required? Well, if you look at the origin of resolutions and what it has become, we now want to be a better version of our self tomorrow than what we are today. Resolutions are a brief moment in present moment awareness of who we are and what we are. Yet I am sure like many resolutions when I made them I was unwilling to look at any root cause as to why I did what I did.


For the first few weeks or months of a new year we make a promise to do something different. We buy the gym membership or the yoga pass, we throw out the half full pack of cigarettes and buy some sort of nicotine replacement, we buy the latest self help book with the ideas of being a better person…


But, why didn’t we work out in the first place? Why did we smoke or continue to smoke even though we know it’s slowly killing us? Why do we sit in pain, in misery, in depression or worst yet why do we sit in anger?


These things and many others have a common thread, at least in my mind, or at least as I see them. We do not feel we are worthy! Plain and simple, we do not feel worthy of a better self.


Let’s start with smoking, we know that cigarettes kill; we know that every time we light up we are filling are bodies with carcinogens, slowly killing each and every cell. This is a government-sanctioned form of suicide, is it not? Smoking a cigarette is allowing us to kill ourselves because the thought of a long life may be just too unbearable. Sure there is the addiction piece but I have said before addiction is absolutely real and it is a symptom of something greater.


Working out and making our body fit so that we have a better chance of being strong throughout our lives. Before I went into my spiral just over two years ago I was running, I was lifting weights, I was pretty fit even though my marathon time may not have suggested the same, but I was fit. Yet as I went deeper into my own version of hell I stopped working out; I was no longer worthy of being…


Lastly that leaves the emotional side of things, sitting in sorrow, sitting in hate, sitting in anger, or feeling the emotional pain, we go out and buy the self help book, in some cases we read it like we would a novel, some cases we put it on our bedside table looking for the theory of osmosis to kick in. It taunts us every day that we have not read it. However if we read it like a novel then what will we get, most of these books require a secondary piece “ACTION”.


So even though I have gotten better at action, I still struggle with worthy; as long as I do have an issue with worthy, my action will be impeded. So for this year I resolve to be worthy of my own action.



With Love, Respect and Admiration


Happy New Year,


And always remember


Keep chasing those cars! I know I will.



One thought on “Happy New Year 2017

  1. Hi Honey; I know I will keep chasing those cars. I also know that this is an amazing piece that you have written. I make resolutions and some I actually keep and some I don’t, but I try to be a better person each and every day. Sometimes I might fall short to others, but I know I have done my best. I am so happy that you are back writing, I really enjoy what you say and it makes me think. Love Mom I will talk to you on the weekend from Florida. That is my best for the next two weeks. xoxo

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