Thank YOU!

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!

As many of you know I left the “corporate life”. I realized that my passion in working with people was only partially filled in this area. So I went out on my own (well sort of. Are we ever alone in our success?) to do what I know is right and what will better serve the world in which I live.

Why the Thanks? Well a few years back I started my blogs as way to express and share my thoughts on healing. Many of the people reading responded and wrote and said thank you for sharing, they said it helped, or my favourite was “I must have been writing about them.” I wrote for many reasons and the stories were my own but I am glad we connected.

I wrote first, because I was tired of being afraid of people judging me as weak, I was afraid that if people knew what I was going through they would run, I was afraid of me, and so I wrote because I was tired of being afraid. Second, I wrote because to many people are still suffering in silence, I felt I was alone once and no one would understand so by using my voice I hoped one other person could find the strength to use theirs. Ending the stigma is very important to me and always has been.

The first two reasons is why I externalized my writing. This last reason is the most important, and, it has nothing to do with sharing it out in the universe. I wrote for me, writing was part of my healing process. When I had a million thoughts in my head all running in different directions and confusing the shit out of me, I WROTE.

I also took my studies to the next level, taking psychology in university, while continue to focus on the healing that was working for me. Yes there were correlations, but my healing was one thing and my degree another. I found that Psychology is still in it’s infancy, that there were so many ways people were practicing because we really don’t know, and the success rate was dependent on many things. I also have studied and completed my hypnotherapy work, I write my accreditation for U.S. and Canada in August.

Ok, you’ve read this far and are maybe wondering is he still going to write? Is this his “sign off” from writing? Or maybe you’re saying, “Yeah yeah, get on with it.” I recently started my own practice working with people who need someone to walk with and with someone who will listen to them, someone who understands the darkness of some journey’s. I also decided to change how I charged for my services versus the industry that I was aware of. My idea of pay me what it’s worth or what you can afford is the model I adopted. There are so many people who have a lack of financial ability to pay the average of $150.00-$200.00 per session. But given a chance to heal their wounds they would in a heartbeat.

I started this payment model also because I never want to turn people away for help even if all they can pay for a session is $20.00. Imagine your child, partner, or friend having to wait up to 18 months to get into the system to get help or having to save for 6 months just to have one session with an amazing health care provider. Imagine what more could happen in that time. I imagined that, and this is why I feel doing what I am doing is vital.

This brings me to my point about my writing and my work. I will be moving some things over to the Patreon website. This site was originally designed for artists who produce out of the mainstream media to earn a way to keep producing, creating and giving to the world. That is what I am asking if you want to keep reading these blogs as they are produced all I ask is that you support my work with a $5.00 a month contribution. That’s it!
Yes, some of my writing will make it back here to my website but only about 10-20% of it. I understand if you do not feel there is value, I know that what I am doing does not speak to everyone. I really do hope that the people who read everything will consider supporting this work and supporting me in getting it to others. I will ask that you click on the link and see what it is I am doing CLICK HERE Consider if you have at all benefited from my work and consider if you could still benefit, if the answer is yes to either of these please consider supporting by signing up.

Other than just the blog writing there will be many other benefits my patrons will be getting as a contributor. These are all listed on the site but, a quick list is sessions virtual or in person, Hypnosis Scripts to use in the comfort of your own home (pre recorded for ease), research on specific topics dictated by my patrons, and other areas I feel I can bring something of value to you. There is a $2.00 a month spot just because you want to help and think what I am doing is creating value but do not want any of the other stuff. CLICK HERE

Please know that I am so grateful for all of you no matter what you decide, my love, respect and admiration has no strings and no hooks. I am asking for support to do what so many of you have said was an amazing endeavour, and I am asking for you to be a part of it.

If the links did not work as I planned here it is

With Love, Respect and Admiration


And remember keep chasing those cars, because right now I feel I am chasing a freight train.

P.S. This was unedited I did not run it through anyone so if you find grammar issues please accept my apologies. (If that sort of thing bothers you)

P.S.S Is it e-mail, email, or e mail?

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