I am grateful for my clients always, I am honoured when they allow me to share their words with you.  Following is an unedited full version of a reference I received my a person I am working with.  You can also check out his full story here the article starts on page 24. I share this because Landon is proof to never loose hope in the ones you love, or in yourself.{“page”:2,”issue_id”:420095}

I have been having appointments with Steven Archambault on a weekly basis for over the past month. I can’t say enough great things about him. Here is a brief description of my story and experiences to date with Steve.

Almost a year ago now. I woke up one morning with an extremely rare neurological condition known as Transverse Myelitis (TM). To Quickly sum up TM, it’s a condition which causes the spinal cord to fill with fluid and swell, causing damage to nerves attached to the spinal cord. Initially when I woke up that morning I was completely paralyzed from the chest down and given a 30% chance that I’d ever walk again.

My first few months in hospital I had great mobility and sensation improvements. Which was a huge blessing, and although regaining sensation is great, it did have its downsides. In my case it brought along a ton of discomfort and pain throughout my entire torso, legs and feet.

The first month after being released from Hospital was more improvement, but that tapered off quickly and was almost at a standstill for about 4 or 5 months. This is when Steve came in.

After being recommended by a friend. I gave Steve a call. I had no problems getting in touch with him, and he is very accommodating which has made setting up appointments a breeze.

One thing that I have to mention as I am very grateful for it, is his pricing. He has a very unique, but generous and understanding pricing system. With my condition I am currently out of work and have been since my injury, so money is an extreme issue for me. The only reason I wasn’t already seeing someone was due to financial reasons. As I’m sure anyone else who has done some price shopping will see, these sorts of services Mr. Archambault provides are difficult for the average citizen to afford. But Steve has helped me out huge in that department as well. (I’ll allow Steve to explain and get into details about his payment structure if you are curious)

Before my first visit I was unsure of what to think and how it all worked. Steve invited me in, into his nice clean well kept, and might I add cozy and comfortable place of business, sat me down and was able to explain exactly how everything works in a way that got me excited to get started.

After only my first couple appointments I already was noticing change. Changes that I had been hoping for but hadn’t seen in months. Just to give you a bit of detail and to help show the variety of issues Steve has already helped me with I’ll provide a couple examples.

Since my injury I have had bladder issues, with an inability to void urine. After only my 2nd appointment I made a major jump in the right direction with that issue. He also has provided me with a tool that I use every morning to start my day, to help reduce my levels of discomfort and pain through out my entire body. I must say it actually works. I also struggle with depression and anxiety, he is helping me to work through and manage these issues as well. Drug and alcohol addiction is something that I’ve battled for 18 years, Steve is also very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to that.

Steve’s services don’t just cover or help with one specific aspect. He is helping me with a whole variety, all my issues I have ever brought up with him he has either helped me with, is helping me with, or will be helping me with. It’s amazing. Also he doesn’t ever just help me then send me on my way, he always takes the time and teaches me, explains things, and gives me the necessary tools I need to practice new techniques on my own.

Steve is extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and very passionate with what he does, every time I show up for an appointment or call him on the phone, he is researching a new technique, reading a new study, looking for this and/or that in order to help a client.

Every week I look forward to my scheduled appointments with Steve as I always leave feeling refreshed. Thanks Steve for teaching me how powerful our minds truly are.


July 6, 2017

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  1. This was so beautiful to read. I too am a client of Steve’s & couldn’t agree more with all the nice things said about him as above. I hope I too, am able to one day share my story and the blessings & teachings that I feel only Steve can provide.

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