Developing my skills through formal and informal education over the years has been instrumental in finding what works, not only for myself but all my clients. Using a deep understanding of trauma and humanity we will work through the issues together. We can use hypnotherapy to allow a safe and calm place to visit the situation(s) where you can understand what happened and change how it has held you hostage, then if needed we use hypnotherapy to make sure that the solutions stick.

My practice focuses on root cause work. Everything that elicits an emotion has a link back to our past; finding the right instance is key to your happiness. What I have found is that there are more strings into our past than most of us would like to admit or even know about. That is why it’s imperative that I teach you how to work through issues using your own abilities. Building resilience through some simple tools that you hold is truly important. Many people ask how long will it take? They fear that getting to a healthy understanding will require weekly work for years and years. I understand that fear and my goal is to teach you to handle 90% of what comes your way. I am here for when you just need someone to walk with.

First, we deal with the build up all the time giving you your own way of handling things. For some it is after only a few sessions others it takes longer; however, you can trust that my goal is not to have appointments booked every week or month for ten years. My goal is to work with you as efficiently and as safely as possible, where you can regain the beautiful life you deserve.