Steven Archambault

During my 20-year career in the financial industry, I held senior and executive level leadership roles in Retail Banking operations and sales. Prior to my career in the financial services industry, I spent just less than five years in the Canadian Armed Forces which included peacekeeping services in Cyprus. It was during this service that I observed both the greatest and sometimes the worst humanity had to offer.

Whether through coaching, mentorship or leading, serving others is integral to everything that I do in my life. This led to the realization that it was not the corporate ladder or the growth in title that mattered; it was the people I loved. So a few years ago I started a personal journey to realize my dream of being in service to others. I began my Psychology degree and enrolled to become a certified hypnotherapist. Adding both of these to my practice allows me to walk with those that want a better way of thinking and living. Those that want to lead a beautiful life.

Why hypnosis? During discussion with one of my professors and her own successful use of hypnosis with clients I wanted that same option available for my clients.  The fact is, that hypnosis is a genuine psychological phenomenon that has valid uses in clinical practice.  Simply put, hypnosis is a state of highly focused attention or conncentration often associated with relaxation, and heightened suggestibility.  While under hypnosis, it seems many people are much more open to helpful suggestions than they usually are.

My own personal journey has allowed me to come to accept and understand everything that I once found confusing.  I have also journeyed through my own dark emotions of life and share that journey openly through my writings, speeches and discussions with clients. This journey allows me to go into those places with you without judgement and a open hand in support.

With Love, Respect, and Admiration