My practice focuses on three areas:

  • The conscious (what we know);
  • The unconscious (what is known and Unknown from our own past); and,
  • The collective unconscious (what was passed down to us).


The conscious is the present. It is what is happening right now, it is what you are aware of, and it is what you blame for your issues. Living with present moment awareness is an integral part of life. Present moment awareness means you are responding to situations, not reacting. A very simple example of this is someone cutting you off in traffic. Responding to this circumstance would mean that you took the appropriate measures to avoid an accident, and then you go about your day with no reaction or destruction in your life.

If you are reacting you are living in some form of the unconscious. By using the above scenario a story is played out in your head. Fear is added which easily turns to anger usually because you are living in an event that happened in the past. The same situation is blamed for ruining your day, causing you to find your addiction and indulge, relapsing back into your addiction or to take it out on some other person (co-workers, friends or family). At the end of the day you lay your head on the pillow still cursing someone for ruining your day, meanwhile missing out on all the beauty that surrounded you.

Not to long ago the general thoughts around someone’s ability to cope was that everything we need to work through happened to us in this life. This is why so many continue to suffer and unfortunately most time in silence. Any suggestion that the collective unconscious (a theory proposed by Carl Jung in 1916) was at all possible may have been met with ridicule; however, studies of holocaust and residential school survivors are proving that trauma is passed down through the generations. This simply means that what you are feeling may have everything to do with what your parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents went through.