Why Patreon?

Working as Hypnotherapist, Coach and Speaker in Canada, I was disheartened by the number of people who struggle and continue to struggle because in this moment they have a lack of financial abundance.  People would ask how much I charge and then walk away as $150.00 a session seemed unreachable in lots of cases even 100.00 was out of reach, it was a choice in feeding their family or getting help. So I now offer a billing model of pay me what you can afford. This not only spoke to me, it was me.

What is Patreon?

When speaking with a client, who is one of many artists, they suggested Patreon.  In this format I can release research, my blogs, videos, hypnosis recordings and share ideas in healing the spirit.  Since I have been doing most of this completely free to the internet this seemed like a natural fit.  I would show what is working with my clients, show ideas of why sometimes we stay stuck and offer help to those that come in through this avenue.  Being new to this I am exploring different ways to bring light to people where they have only seen darkness.  By supporting me through a monthly contribution, you are directly making a difference in the lives of some really amazing people who just need someone to believe in them.

How do you contribute?

Become a Patron and sponsor a person in need of Healing Self services today by clicking here and selecting a monthly contribution:  Steve’s Patreon

The funds you pledge only charged once a month and are in U.S. dollars. Just an FYI.

Thank you for your support, love and light.