Here is where I practice what I preach and where I put my trust in people; that they are at their essence kind, compassionate and loving. That when you serve them with all your kindness, compassion and love they will serve you.

This is where I open one of the most vulnerable parts of our world. Financial vulnerability. I know what I do and what I have done is and has been beneficial to many. I also know I can be beneficial to you.

My pricing is, you pay me what it’s worth. If you feel that you have found the treasure that starts to alleviate the anxiety, you pay what that was worth to you. No matter who you, are after each session, and within 24 hours, you send me your payment. The amount solely up to your discretion.

Many people have asked me for my rates and even though I know my services and time are worth payment, these conversations did not feel right. The reason being I did not want to turn anyone away. I never want price to be a factor in someone seeking help. If I told someone that my rate was $200.00 per session and at the end of the month they had $20.00 to their name, it would take those 10 months to save for one appointment, if they ever could. Another person who has no financial worries feels it’s worth $1,000.00 then that money will go to offset those that need support. I want everyone to say this is the best investment they have made in themselves – ever.

We can never put a price on our health and when we truly feel we are free it’s priceless.

I honestly trust and believe that what is meant to happen will happen, as long as I am willing to bring my best and work hard everyday. I will work hard for you and for me. That is my commitment. I understand this can be stressful for people as they don’t want to offend, but I have no expectations other than your fair and honest assessment of what it’s worth to you and what you can comfortably afford.

Your entire well being matters to me.

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