Holding on to the Pain

Over the past several months the topic of pain has come up in conversations. I recently spoke at a mental wellness event where the topic boiled down to Holding on to Pain. I am becoming more aware everyday that pain has a few areas linked to the human condition (especially my human condition). First there…Read more »


I am starting to realize how much secrets hurt me. I am not speaking of secrets that we tell our friends about, like a secret crush or the time I unwrapped a Christmas gift and then re-wrapped it without getting caught (sorry mom). I am talking about the secrets we feel emotionally! Those we are…Read more »

One Of The Days I Was Meant To Die. At least in my mind:

Definitions for the below terms are from the Merriam Webster online dictionary. Trauma – A very difficult or unpleasant experience that causes someone to have mental or emotional problems usually for a long time. PTSD – a psychological reaction occurring after experiencing a highly stressing event (as wartime combat, physical violence, or a natural disaster)…Read more »

Garbage Cans

Last week, I kinda just threw up 23-years of all the pseudo emotions I have held onto, which led to a very tough few months.  It was one of the most cathartic, scary, freeing, true and authentic things I have done, in a very long time.  It was the kind of pain that brought me…Read more »